Legal Notices

Information classification scheme

Classification Definition

Secret Information where unauthorized disclosure may cause Kamotse Petroleum severe financial loss, loss of trade secrets, exposure to legal risks or damage to Kamotse Petroleum’s reputation. Examples of Information classified as Secret include, but not limited to strategic acquisitions, bid economics, negotiation strategies, and production processes.

Confidential Information which is critical to Kamotse Petroleum’s ongoing operation. Examples of Information classified as Confidential include but is not limited to. Personnel & Payroll files interpreted exploration data and technical data of sensitive nature.

Internal Information where loss, corruption or unauthorised disclosure would result in minimal business, financial or other loss. This level of information is of importance within the company. Internal information requires approval from the information owner before being distributed to external third parties. Internal information includes information that is personal, technical, or business in nature, and is restricted for use within the company.

Public Information that poses no risk to the company if made generally available. This includes information in the public domain. Examples of information classified as Public include, but not limited to annual reports, press statements, corporate, public relations and marketing materials. Whilst security is minimal, only authorised individuals should disclose such public information.

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